Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pimp my AK-47!

I can tell we're winning the war. How? Iraqi TV. Yes, really!

You might think their channels are all incomprehensible dramas or music chanels featuring the same song sung over and over and over, but there is a new twist, reality shows. Survival Iraq was the first big hit. Elimination challenges like: Go to the market and buy bread, Abu Gharaib Naked Twister and Sectarian check point, Sunni or Shi'a? are big hits.

Here's the latest entry into Iraqi reality TV, Pimp My AK-47!
Our first contestant is local volunteer, who uses the family AK at his check point:
Look at that lame piece of crap, time to pimp that AK! Booya! Now he's packing the latest in fly gear! Silver plating and Washington state redwood inlays, phat!

Next we have a loyal Iraqi Army soldier who has to look like everyone else in his platoon.

That isn't hip or hop. Time to pimp that AK!
Woot woot! Pearl inlay with gold sequins, we'll put some spinners on this bad boy and our Iraqi soldier will schizzle that nizzle like a true pimp.

I don't get it either, who wants an aluminum plated gun for home defense? Iraqis, that's who. Every house has the family AK for home defense and celebrations. Weddings? Shoot it! Hired for a high paying 10 dollar a day job? Gat gat! Another awesome night of nookie with wife 3 of 4? Dakka dakka! Every night is New Years Eve. I will never understand these people.

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