Monday, January 14, 2008 Baghdad

I woke up Saturday morning to a most unusual, nay impossible, sight. There was snow in the air. Not a white out, but there were definetly flakes mixed into the raid drops. I wanted to scream, "How can this be?! But he is the Quizzat Haderact!" Yeah, no one'll get that.

Now, I lived in Upstate New York for many years, so I think nothing of 6-8 inches of snow on a daily basis. But in Baghdad, where the summers hit 130...not really expecting snow.

I strolled to work in absolute bliss. Seasons! A discernable season in Baghdad, a change from the broiling summer this country has suffered from for ever. Each time a snowflake melted on my face I thought of New York and how happy my life was when everyone was either Polish, Italian, me or Melanie.

New York has the world's best pizza, a fact anyone from Chicago or the City will dispute. It also has sits next to rather large lakes that generate lake effect snow, the bane of Saturday cartoon watching. Many a morning was ruined by fresh snow and a call from Mom telling me to shovel the driveway before she got home.

Back to Iraq; The Iraqis had no idea what was going on. No one in the city had ever seen such a thing as snow falling from the sky. I wonder if any of them sacrificed a goat in panic. My trusty translator Fatima, who's from a Gulf state, was bundled from head to toe like South Park's Kenny.

I wish it would snow again.

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